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Use Code: WELCOME10 For 10% Off for Your First Order and Free Shipping within United States
Use Code: WELCOME10 For 10% Off for Your First Order and Free Shipping within United States



Q: Where are the items shipped from? How long will the shipping take?

A: Most items are available for free shipping in continent U.S. from our warehouses in New York state and California state. It usually takes 2-5 business days for shipping and delivery depends on buyer’s location. The specific shipping time is determined by the inventories and the buyer’s location. Please contact us if you need any specific information. 


Q: How does the warranty work? How do I return / exchange an item?

A: We provide a one-year warranty with return and exchange options. Please see the WARRANTY and RETURN page for details.

Q: My vehicle makes unpleased noise after the new struts installed. Are the struts defective, or is it normal?

A:  The noise is considered normal when the struts are newly installed. There are a few reasons that may cause the noise when struts newly installed:

  1. The sway bar link was not tightened down enough;
  2. The sway bar or link nut is loose; the rubber bushing was broken;
  3. Other suspension components: ball joint, sway bar, and the bushing, etc... Since the struts are new and if you did not replace the connected parts, sometimes there might be friction between them. In this condition, driving a few more miles may eliminate or diminish the noise;
  4. The mount/bearing plate being defective during manufacturing, packing, or shipping We strongly recommend you give the struts 1-2 weeks of decent driving after installment, the noise will usually go with few more miles of driving. If the noise does not eliminate or diminish, you are welcome to contact us, and the warranty will be applied with return or exchange options of your preference.

Q: Is there anything we can do to eliminate or diminish the noise?

A:  Yes, there is something we can do that may help:

  1. Check the nuts and the connected parts to see if there are any components loose or missing;
  2. Spray some white grease on the sway bar, bushings, and other connected parts to diminish the friction;
  3. Drive a few more miles; if everything else is well except the strut itself making noises, then there might be defective components in the complete strut, and we will apply the warranty for your order.

Q: How come my car's front/rear end is higher than original after I put in the new struts?

A: We consider this as normal when struts newly installed because the new springs are less compressed. If you do not change the front and rear struts at the same time, there might be a height difference. Just give the struts 1-2 weeks of decent driving, the weight of the vehicle will compress the new spring more with more driving.

Or if you have air ride / electronic suspensions in the rear, it may cause a height difference when you install normal coil spring front struts (please verify with your mechanic before making the order).

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: Yes, orders are cancellable before they are shipped. To cancel a shipped order, you may return the product upon receipt. Please see the RETURN page for more information about the return.